The First CEO Platform

The first CEO platform.
Now free.

Align, engage, and predict the performance of your organization.

Our fully featured, enterprise-class CEO platform drives strategy execution across your entire team, and is now free*.

*Khorus Software includes basic technical support and full features. Only available in the U.S.

Master the Balancing Act of the Successful CEO

At Khorus, we’re dedicated to helping CEOs lead high-performing organizations. And we understand the unique demands of the role—from owning the vision to delivering performance on behalf of the board and shareholders.

Check out our library of CEO resources, or grab a copy of our founder’s book on the CEO role, The CEO Tightrope.

Start using Khorus today.

Khorus is the first CEO platform.

      —Set goals/OKRs at scale
      —Gain weekly predictive insight
      —Engage everyone in the mission

Hey there. Khorus is now 100% free.

In these difficult times, every company should be focused on aligning, engaging, and predicting the performance of their organization.

That’s why we decided to make Khorus free from now on. No strings, no contract, and all the features of our enterprise-class CEO platform. For those who want it, premium support and consulting options are available.

We hope you and yours are making your way through this challenging time.

Joel Trammell
Founder & CEO