Strategy-execution software
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Drive alignment, engage employees, and predict company performance—
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Who Uses Khorus?


When the buck stops with you, you need a reliable way to deliver results. That’s why CEOs use Khorus as their operating system for running the organization.

PE professionals use Khorus to gain high-level insight and influence into their portfolio companies. The system offers real-time, predictive updates on each firm under management.


How Does Khorus Work?

Strategic Planning

Predictive Goal Insight

Manager Tools

Lean Talent Management

Communicate strategy to every employee

95% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy. Khorus helps you beat this trend by making your strategic plan transparent to all. The CEO sets top-level strategic objectives—then people and teams set their own supporting goals. The process builds a playbook for the quarter and engages everyone directly in company success.

Keep execution on track

Don’t be the typical “last to know” CEO. Khorus is the only software that gathers predictive performance updates from the entire workforce—giving you an invaluable early-warning system. By marshalling the expertise and foresight of your whole team each week, you get a clearer view of the road ahead.

Equip your managers 

Excellent managers are the secret weapon of great companies. With Khorus, you can be confident that each of your managers sets clear expectations for his or her team, holds employees accountable, and delivers regular coaching to each direct report. The software gives you a consistent management system that builds healthy habits throughout your company. 


Upgrade your talent management system

Khorus integrates the data you use to run your business with a lean performance management system. All employees receive objective, business-relevant feedback on a continuous basis. As CEO, you can discover exactly who your top performers and future leaders are and how they contribute.

Take the first step to predictable company performance today. Get a personal consultation and demo of Khorus.

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