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At Khorus, we’re dedicated to helping CEOs lead high-performing organizations. And we understand the unique demands of the role—from owning the vision to delivering performance on behalf of the board and shareholders.

Check out our library of CEO resources, or grab a copy of our founder’s book on the CEO role, The CEO Tightrope.

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Khorus is the first CEO platform.

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We Just Made Khorus 100% Free. Here’s Why.

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5 Questions Every CEO Must Answer for Their Team

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How CEOs Make Great Executive Hires

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What CEOs Get Wrong About Growth

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What to Do When You Don’t Complete Your Goal

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Motivation vs. Engagement — Is There a Difference?

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The 3 Levels of Company Goal Setting

When I bring up the concept of “goal setting” with an executive—especially if it’s the CEO—the reaction is rarely enthusiastic. The term sounds so tactical. It contrasts with the strategic orientation of most high-level leaders. To the executive’s ear, “goal … Read More

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The Confidence Trap: When Data Leads Us Astray

Knowledge is power, but information is not —David Lewis   There’s a certain type of leader I think of as the “metric maniac.” They are quite common in the age of Big Data, AI, and the Internet of Things. The … Read More

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Hey there. Khorus is now 100% free.

In these difficult times, every company should be focused on aligning, engaging, and predicting the performance of their organization.

That’s why we decided to make Khorus free from now on. No strings, no contract, and all the features of our enterprise-class CEO platform. For those who want it, premium support and consulting options are available.

We hope you and yours are making your way through this challenging time.

Joel Trammell
Founder & CEO