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Strategy Execution for CEOs and Executives

Execute Strategy as a Team

Khorus helps your company execute strategy—from the C-suite to the frontline.

What leaders say about Khorus

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Bridge the gap between 
strategy and action.

Most strategies never become reality. Our customers achieve 80% of the objectives they enter into Khorus. What could your team achieve? 

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Khorus is the capstone of our commitment to stay focused on results and key objectives. Our culture has changed for the better.

Bill Anderson, CEO, Mid Oregon Credit Union

So many organizations need this. We’re not just throwing arbitrary goals out there anymore. We can now say why and how each goal is making a real difference.

—Misti Potter, CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area

Khorus helps us create the results we want. Now I have one place to go to manage performance. It’s super fast, and it’s not reams of email or a static spreadsheet.

—Cole Harmonson, CEO, Far West Capital

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Finally, leaders have full visibility into what each team and person is working on—and how it aligns with the company's strategic objectives.

Khorus builds a clear sense of purpose in your workforce. Your employees buy into the vision—and get continuous feedback and full transparency into company priorities.

See the road ahead using Khorus's unique forecasting system. Each week, employees rate their likelihood of goal achievement and alert the team to execution roadblocks.



Interactive Org Chart

Strategic Planning

Aligned Objectives

Record your company's strategy and communicate it to every employee.

Link company, team, and individual objectives into a holistic success plan.

Clarify company structure. Easily access the profile and working style of any employee.

Performance Dashboard

See a dashboard of employee predictions each week. Spot execution roadblocks early.


Guide and encourage employees as they execute high-priority work.


Give rapid, lightweight reviews. Get at-a-glance visibility into talent capabilities.