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Designed for CEOs by a CEO, Khorus turns strategic plans into predictable results. Here’s how it works.


Great execution begins with an up-to-date strategic vision. Make yours accessible to any employee, at any time.

  • Publish company mission, vision & core values
  • Influence how your company sets goals: Publish a concise strategy using our 10 key questions
  • Easily update the strategy to reflect new threats & opportunities


of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy.

Robert Kaplan and David Norton, “The Office of Strategy Management,”

Harvard Business Review


Next, Khorus guides the CEO in operationalizing strategy through company goals. Give every person the direction they need to get the right stuff done.

  • Set a clear destination in the form of 3–7 company goals
  • Tie company goals to your top metrics & KPIs
  • Compatible with any goal methodology: SMART, OKR, or MBO
  • Company goals are always one click away for any employee

Neil Billingsley-Michaelsen 



Khorus has provided clarity, helped us standardize our workflow, and made our goal-setting more strategic and far more realistic.



With company goals established, each level of the organization aligns its priorities with the CEO’s. Everyone is working on the right things—and they know why their work matters.

  • Transparent cascading goals framework makes it easy to align efforts up, down, and across
  • Fast goal-creation & manager-agreement process
  • Anyone can navigate goals across the organization to understand how all the pieces fit together


Khorus is the only system on earth that gathers predictions from every employee every week. With this forward-oriented intelligence, CEOs can make informed decisions and deliver on board & shareholder commitments.

  • Unique 2x2 matrix delivers a wealth of at-a-glance information on each company goal
  • Weekly predictions take <5 minutes
  • In-app conversations show you what's happening on the ground and who needs support
  • Focus meetings on risks and high-priority outcomes

Only 21% of employees actively align their efforts with company priorities.

Is it any wonder most strategic initiatives fail?

The Corporate Executive Board


Ditch complex performance management processes. Deploy a lean talent system across the entire organization.

  • Ensure managers have coaching conversations with direct reports every 90 days
  • Talent Matrix reveals the talent profile across the organization or specific teams


A dynamic organizational chart and rich employee profiles ensure that your employees—from executives to the frontline—stay on the same page.

  • Show everyone organizational structure with an easy-to-navigate org chart
  • Profiles hold every employee's contact info, goals, strengths & working styles

Khorus supports CliftonStrengths data, but if your organization uses DiSC, Myers-Briggs, or another assessment, let’s talk about how we can support that.

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