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The vast majority of strategic initiatives underperform or fail completely, and it usually comes down to one factor: poor execution. In this half-day onsite session, Joel Trammell—Khorus CEO and veteran tech leader with two nine-figure acquisitions by Fortune 500 companies under his belt—equips your leadership team to set clear strategic objectives and drive consistent execution.

Module 1
  • Understand how goal setting drives results—36% increase in performance
  • Learn the traits of an effective company goal
  • Understand the 6 areas of the business and how to set priorities for each
  • Diagnose common errors when setting metrics
  • Draft your own company goals
Module 2
  • Learn to use the Khorus framework for aligning goals throughout the organization
  • Understand the psychology of goals and how to engage employees in them
  • Set a cadence for gathering predictive goal insight


Cost: $5,000, plus travel expense
Presenter: Joel Trammell
Duration: 1/2 day

1-hour virtual version of module 1 available for $2,000

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We partner with MGR360 to deliver daylong, customized workshop that equips your people managers with practical, time-saving tools.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in an MGR360 training (virtual or in-person):

  • The cost of poor management—from turnover to the bottom line
  • Strategies for building influence with employees of all personality types
  • How to set clear, inspiring strategic objectives and cascade them to employee goals
  • The latest findings on employee motivation
  • How to craft an employee experience that attracts, engages, and retains top talent
  • A process for gathering predictive insights from employees
  • More about your colleagues’ working styles and preferences

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Behind every star athlete is a coach. Likewise, even the best-performing CEOs can benefit from coaching. This package includes a daylong working session with CEO TIghtrope author Joel Trammell, plus six hour-long follow-up calls. You will receive:

  • An deep understanding of the five core responsibilities of the CEO role
  • A personalized discussion of your organization’s top challenges
  • Coaching on specific areas the CEO might be concerned with, such as:
    • conflict management
    • strategic planning
    • decision-making skills
    • sustaining or accelerating company growth
  • Analysis of feedback (collected before the session) on your leadership and management style
  • Monthly hourlong follow-up calls with Joel, to discuss progress since the session and any new insights (for six months).

Cost: $10,000, plus travel expense (includes two free quarters of the Khorus app and lifetime access to online CEO course)
Duration: 1 day, plus six monthly follow-up calls

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