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Khorus provides a cascading goals framework to illustrate exactly how every job function impacts corporate goal achievement.
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Khorus gives employees the opportunity to update and monitor their status towards goals so they can stay on track and see how the organization is performing. 

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Khorus gives executive leaders an instant snapshot of the entire organization’s probability of completing set  goals that impact corporate success.
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Do You Have the Information You Need to Predict Success?

Many executives have no idea if they’ll hit their numbers because they’re relying on historical financial data. Employees are equally in the dark when it comes to understanding the company’s vision and how their performance matters.

  • Only 7% of employees know their company’s strategies and how they can contribute
  • Only 29% of organizations create employee goals aligned to the organization
  • 59% of executives say aligning employee output with corporate objectives is their biggest challenge
  • 57% of executives say capturing and predicting company performance is their biggest challenge
  • 48% of executives say they have poor visibility into performance beyond direct reports


Khorus helps answer the one question that concerns every CEO:
How likely is my company to meet its corporate goals?

Rally Your Team

Khorus provides the framework to link performance to success

Working as a team is always the best way to ensure success. Khorus gives executives a medium to communicate corporate goals to every level of the organization so:

  • Realistic goals can be set
  • Every employee can take ownership of their tasks
  • Individual goal attainment can be predicted
  • Potential issues can be addressed proactively
  • Critical business decisions can be based on forward-looking data
Khorus is an easy-to-use, on-demand business management solution that relies on crowd-sourced insights to predict goal achievement. No other software program provides this level of transparency.

See What Leaders Using Khorus Have to Say


"With Khorus, we saw improved alignment right away. For the first time, each member of our leadership team understood how their teams contributed to our overall goals."

Kendra Kinnison
General Manager, Port Royal Ocean Resort

“Khorus helps ensure the entire organization is aligned with company objectives.”

Scott Tynes
CEO, Consero

“Khorus is simple to set up and provides instant and company-wide visibility into every employee’s cascading goals as well as weekly progress. Plus, it gives me timely reports on goal likelihood and quality so I can address any issues before they impact the business.”

Dan Graham



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