Get the right stuff done

We help you get crystal-clear on what you want your team to achieve. Create strategic goals, then pull everyone together into a cohesive plan for accomplishing them, one by one.



Optimize your Human Capital

How do you keep your company full of bright, motivated employees who meet the business's needs? At Khorus, we understand that people are just as important as strategy. We help you see exactly who your top employees and future leaders are.

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Build Shared Values

Every company develops a culture, whether it means to or not. Is yours healthy and purposeful? We can help you build the universal ingredients of strong culture: shared mission, accountability, and top-to-bottom transparency.


Create Strategic Clarity

Download our free guide to company strategy

Kaplan and Norton estimate that 95% of employees are unaware of or don't understand their company's strategy. Part of the problem: many CEOs can't even present their strategy in a coherent way. Download this guide for:

  • 10 questions to define your strategy
  • Tips on collecting strategically relevant intel
  • The top strategy traps to avoid

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"I consider Khorus the capstone of our commitment to stay focused on results and key objectives. Our culture has changed for the betterbecause our employees are more engaged. We are more focused—more efficiently focused—than ever before.”

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Bill Anderson

Mid Oregon Credit Union

"There’s a place for Khorus in every organization that has a desire to grow and reach its goalsWe’re not just throwing arbitrary goals out there anymore—we can now say why and how each goal is making a real difference."

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Misti Potter

Executive Vice President
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area

“This was the first tool I had heard of to help a CEO keep the company rowing in the same direction. It helps us answer the question, 'What’s the company trying to accomplish in the next quarter?'”




Scott Tynes


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Latest From Our Blog

Are Cascading Goals a Business Relic?

If you’ve been in the business world for any length of time, you understand the concept of cascading goals.

First, the CEO sets goals for the company. Then the executive team uses those goals as the basis for creating their own goals. Next up, middle managers do the same, all the way down to the lower rungs of the organization. The result is a hierarchical goal tree that shows how all the goals in the organization support the company’s top objectives.

The 4 External Groups Every CEO Should Focus On

CEOs are uniquely positioned to interact with outside groups, and doing so regularly can yield major benefits.

Many CEOs and leaders struggle with how much time to spend on external issues versus internal ones. Their responsibilities extend to both. In general, CEOs of early stage companies should focus more on internal matters, such as developing a product, hiring the right teams for growth, etc.

Ebook: 10 Questions to Create Your Company Strategy

We recently released our strategic planning feature in Khorus, allowing CEOs to document and share 10 key strategy questions with their whole workforce.

Now you can get the benefit of these questions even if you don't use Khorus. Download our ebook 10 Questions to Create Your Company StrategyYou'll get not only the full 10 questions but also advice for:

  • gathering strategic intel from outside sources,
  • sharing company strategy to ensure execution,
  • avoiding common strategic planning traps.