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We help you get crystal-clear on what you want your team to achieve. Create strategic goals, then pull everyone together into a cohesive plan for accomplishing them, one by one.

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Optimize your Human Capital

How do you keep your company full of bright, motivated employees who meet the business's needs? At Khorus, we understand that people are just as important as strategy. We help you see exactly who your top employees and future leaders are.

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Build Shared Values

Every company develops a culture, whether it means to or not. Is yours healthy and purposeful? We can help you build the universal ingredients of strong culture: shared mission, accountability, and top-to-bottom transparency.

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Set your Plan for 2016

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Ready to set priorities for your business and rally the whole team around them? This planning guide walks you through a simple process for getting it done. Exceptional team performance begins with great planning—and the sooner you start, the better. 

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"With Khorus, we saw improved alignment right away. For the first time, each member of our leadership team understood how their own team contributed
to our overall objectives."








“Khorus is simple to set up and provides company-wide visibility and weekly progress. Plus, it gives me timely reports on goal likelihood and quality so I can address issues before they impact the business.” 







“This was the first tool I had heard of to help a CEO keep the company rowing in the same direction. It helps us answer the question, 'What’s the company trying to accomplish in the next quarter?'”







6 Things Your Employees Want from Performance Reviews


It's been a tough couple of years for performance reviews. Headlines urge us to kill them, nix them, blow them up. Studies reveal alarming stats, like the fact that 95 percent of managers are dissatisfied with their performance-management systems. (Nearly as good a barometer: there are now over 300 Dilbert strips about performance reviews.)

So how can we build a feedback mechanism that works—for the business and for the employee?

Build Organizational Alignment: 4 Straightforward Steps

Consider this question: Is everyone on your team rowing in the same direction? On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that all employees know their own and the organization's highest-priority objectives?

If your confidence is at a 9 or a 10, congratulations. But based on my experience, most CEOs, when speaking candidly, will admit to the nagging feeling they have quite a few out-of-synch

Real Accountability: How to Help Your Team Keep Its Commitments

When a team suffers from low accountability—when people don’t consistently follow through with their commitments—it quickly sinks into mediocrity. But the root problem is almost never bad intentions or lack of character. More often, leaders haven’t built the organizational capacity and culture required. Conflicting priorities, lack of institutional memory, and failed coordination are the likeliest culprits in diagnosing low accountability, and it all adds up to chaos.