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The first enterprise leadership platform 

Empowering CEOs and leaders to drive performance, manage talent, and build a strong culture 


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 Build the Disciplines of Organizational Excellence

From Salesforce to Excel, software has changed the way we do business.

Yet CEOs and leaders still lack technology for managing the essentials of company health.


These leaders worry:

Are people clear on company priorities?

Are they working on the right things?

Will I know about the next big problem before it's too late?

Are our A-players getting good feedback?

Do people feel engaged at work?


We built Khorus to help you answer these questions with confidence. 

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Drive Results with Khorus 


Set priorities for the quarter, ensure employees create their own supporting SMART goals, and receive weekly, company-wide forecasts of the likely outcomes.


Who are your stars, and are they aligned? Assessments in Khorus ensure that all employees receive timely, relevant feedback, while the Talent Dashboard shows you a map of top performers and how they drive business outcomes.


Authentic engagement, company-wide transparency, and top-to-bottom accountability—Khorus supports the pillars of high-performing culture, no matter your industry or leadership style.


Join the Best-Run Companies on Earth

"With Khorus, we saw improved alignment right away. For the first time, each member of our leadership team understood how their teams contributed to our overall objectives."

Kendra Kinnison
General Manager, Port Royal Ocean Resort


Khorus is simple to set up and provides company-wide visibility and weekly progress. Plus, it gives me timely reports on goal likelihood and quality so I can address any issues before they impact the business.”

Dan Graham
CEO, BuildASign


“I felt this was the first tool I had heard of to help a CEO manage and keep the company rowing in the same direction. It helps when you ask, 'What’s the company trying to accomplish in the next quarter?”

Scott Tynes
CEO, Consero


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"Entrepreneurship is a state of mind, whether you are a founder, family business leader or hired gun — a mindset centered on growth, change and innovation is required to transform a business from its current state to its greatest potential."

-Sunny Vanderbeck


iPad App Now Available for the CEO on the Go


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