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We help you get crystal-clear on what you want your team to achieve. Create strategic goals, then pull everyone together into a cohesive plan for accomplishing them, one by one.

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Optimize your Human Capital

How do you keep your company full of bright, motivated employees who meet the business's needs? At Khorus, we understand that people are just as important as strategy. We help you see exactly who your top employees and future leaders are.

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Build Shared Values

Every company develops a culture, whether it means to or not. Is yours healthy and purposeful? We can help you build the universal ingredients of strong culture: shared mission, accountability, and top-to-bottom transparency.

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Build Your Management Muscle

Download our free guide for managers!

Managers—from the executive suite to the frontline—are critical leverage points in your organization. Are they equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to inspire their teams and deliver results? Share this quick, actionable management primer to make sure they're on track for high performance.

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"With Khorus, we saw improved alignment right away. For the first time, each member of our leadership team understood how their own team contributed
to our overall objectives."








“Khorus is simple to set up and provides company-wide visibility and weekly progress. Plus, it gives me timely reports on goal likelihood and quality so I can address issues before they impact the business.” 







“This was the first tool I had heard of to help a CEO keep the company rowing in the same direction. It helps us answer the question, 'What’s the company trying to accomplish in the next quarter?'”







Latest From Our Blog

Why I'm Cautious of Stretch Goals

One of the ongoing controversies of the business world boils down to this: Should you (and your employees) set big, challenging "stretch goals" or should you keep your objectives realistic?

Depends who you ask.

On one hand, the champions of SMART goals encourage us to set targets we feel confident we can reach: A is for "attainable," R for "realistic."

On the other hand, some experts, most prominently in the startup sector, praise stretch goals.

CEOs Answer: What's Your Best Advice for a First-Time Chief Executive?

There’s not a lot that can truly prepare a person for the role of chief executive—arguably the most challenging and high-pressure job in the corporate world. Unfortunately, the title doesn’t come with a handbook (although I did my best to write that handbook myself).

In my own career, I have found that talking to other people who have been there at the helm of the organization is one of the most valuable sources of insight and advice. Hence the concept of this post, where I posed one question to thirteen CEOs and collected their answers.

Managing Virtual Teams with Khorus

Let’s face it, overseeing a team in your own office is difficult enough. Throw employees working remotely across different cities, states, and continents into the mix and you’re bound to encounter a mess of managerial curveballs.

If you manage a virtual team, you know some of the typical challenges. How do you help employees understand the structure of the team? How do you get them to feel connected with each other and communicate effectively? How do you help them feel united in a shared purpose?