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The New Way to Deliver Results

Khorus helps CEOs align objectives, engage teams, and predict performance 


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"With Khorus, we saw improved alignment right away. For the first time, each member of our leadership team understood how their teams contributed to our overall objectives."

Kendra Kinnison
General Manager, Port Royal Ocean Resort


Khorus is simple to set up and provides company-wide visibility and weekly progress. Plus, it gives me timely reports on goal likelihood and quality so I can address any issues before they impact the business.”

Dan Graham
CEO, BuildASign


“I felt this was the first tool I had heard of to help a CEO manage and keep the company rowing in the same direction. It helps when you ask, 'What’s the company trying to accomplish in the next quarter?”

Scott Tynes
CEO, Consero



   Align Objectives

Khorus aligns every employee's objectives with those of the whole company, improving execution and collaboration

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   Engage Employees

By crowdsourcing insight from the whole company, Khorus keeps employees engaged and lends purpose and creativity to each working day.


   Predict Performance

Weekly predictions from the whole company allow you to spot problems before they escalate.

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Conventional Management Methods Don't Work. Why?

The practice of management was developed with the factory in mind.  But you’re not monitoring an assembly line—you’re leading knowledge workers, who do increasingly complex, creative, and nebulous work.


As a result, executing strategy and predicting company performance becomes a challenge for most companies today.


 Predicting company performance is a challenge for 57% of executives (Khorus)

Less than 10% of all organizations successfully execute strategy (Forbes)

Over 59% of CEOs struggle to align employees with strategy (Khorus)

When CEOs talk strategy, 70% of the company doesn't get it (HBR)


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Enterprise Leadership Platform to Create a Results-Driven Culture

Today’s CEOs need a new approach for a new business reality.

With Khorus, you have a system for enhancing company performance, avoiding uncertainty, and handling the management challenges of today’s complex knowledge-work.

You can empower employees to set their own objectives and act like entrepreneurs within the bounds of the company’s strategic direction.

It’s a new approach for a new business reality, one that maximizes performance and company results.


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"Entrepreneurship is a state of mind, whether you are a founder, family business leader or hired gun — a mindset centered on growth, change and innovation is required to transform a business from its current state to its greatest potential."

-Sunny Vanderbeck


iPad App Now Available for the CEO on the Go


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