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We designed Khorus to help you run your company as effectively as possible, turning strategy into action. Based on 25 years of proven executive experience and built for twenty-first-century business realities, Khorus gives you a single system for:

  • Predicting performance better than ever before.
  • Aligning your entire team around corporate objectives.
  • Bridging the strategy execution gap.
  • Gathering crowdsourced intelligence for full visibility into company performance.
  • Growing and empowering talent throughout the organization.

The benefits of the platform extend to everyone in the company, from the chief executive to the front line. Click below to see how it helps everyone get the right stuff done. 

Khorus and CEOs

Great performance starts at the top. Khorus is the first CEO platform created specifically to help CEOs run their companies as effectively as possible. [Read more.]

Khorus and Senior Executives

As the link between the CEO and the rest of the organization, senior executives must translate corporate objectives into department-level goals. Conveying the strategic vision to the rest of the organization is often where the company alignment and communication breakdown occurs. Khorus is here to help. [Read more.]

Khorus and Managers

Managers work every day to help their teams meet their goals and perform at their peak. Take a high-level corporate and department strategy and break it down into actionable items that your team can work on. See how Khorus helps transform strategy into execution. [Read more.]

Khorus and Individual Contributors

Khorus helps employees understand how their job performance directly impacts departmental and corporate goal attainment so they are more engaged and take ownership of their work.  See how Khorus gives individual contributors ownership, engagement, and visibility—and how that makes your business even better. [Read more.]

Khorus and Human Resources

Khorus helps HR leaders support and grow the talent base, offer strategic counsel to the CEO, and meet the evolving demands of their role. They can use the platform to better understand the talent pool and leadership pipeline, and to improve the performance-review process. [Read more.]

Khorus and Private Equity

Khorus helps private equity firms standardize processes and reporting across their portfolio companies. Once deployed, Khorus also offers PE managers on-demand performance information and the appropriate background for decision making. [Read more.]


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