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Everyone in Khorus takes five minutes a week to update their goals on two dimensions: Likelihood of achievement and Quality of work done so far. (Why these two? Read more here.) When employees experience successes or obstacles, they can use the weekly update to either show that their goals are on track or raise a red flag to peers and leadership.


Share insight with comments

Every member of the organization can add a comment to their weekly goal update, or comment on others' updates. This gives your team a quick, simple way to communicate about priorities. Without cluttering up inboxes, employees can share insight and ask for help; at the same time, leadership can rapidly get context when goal status changes or drop in to acknowledge a job well done.


Help the team think ahead

The weekly Likelihood rating in Khorus is explicitly predictive: they capture the employee's rating of how likely each goal is to be achieved on time. This perspective keeps employees thinking about how to influence the future through what they do today, and—crucially—lets leadership spot developing problems before it's too late.

Reinforce priorities

Even though goal updates don't take long, the simple act of reviewing goals each week helps every person in the company reorient to their true priorities every week.

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