Khorus for HR

Khorus helps HR leaders support and grow the talent base, offer strategic counsel to the CEO, and meet the evolving demands of their role. 


See a heat map of performance and potential across the company

Use the Talent Dashboard to identify key performers, grow the leadership pipeline, and advise the CEO on whether the business has the resources it needs to meet predicted outcomes.

talent dashboard for human resources

Take an active role in business planning

Partner with the CEO to ensure that employee goals align with corporate strategy and priorities. Assess the company’s goals, and provide informed predictions to the CEO on whether these goals are attainable given current talent levels and distribution.

managing talent

Ensure that all employees receive frequent, relevant feedback

WIth appraisals in Khorus, all employees get quarterly feedback based on their performance against collaboratively set goals. It's a system that's far more dynamic and objective than the traditional annual review process.

one-on-one feedback
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