Administrative. ReactiveIrrelevant. These words describe most companies' approach to managing talent.

But as the talent war rages around you, scattershot seat-filling and convoluted performance reviews are no way to operate. We want to help you evolve how your company assesses and builds its most precious resource: people.


A few quick numbers

  • CEOs see human capital as their #1 challenge going forward.
  • Yet most CEOs regard HR as only #8 in a ranking of departments' importance.
  • And 90% of HR heads feel their performance-management systems yield inaccurate information.





                          Inject Real Business Value into HR Processes

graph_icon.pngWith Khorus, the CEO, HR leaders, and executive team can easily assess the organization's talent pool and see how it lines up with business priorities. With this visibility, they can act strategically to develop talent capabilities.

                         Spot your A-Players and Future Leaders 

find_talent-2.pngThe Talent Dashboard shows confidential quarterly ratings of all employees' performance and potential—based on each person's work done toward documented goals. Use this dashboard to spot your A-players, see how they drive business outcomes, and assess and grow your leadership pipeline.

                        Take the Pain Out of Performance Reviews 

performance_appraisals.pngOld-school performance management kills morale and time in equal measure. Use appraisals in Khorus to provide quarterly (not yearly) and objective (not arbitrary) feedback to employees. The process is simple and fast, ensuring compliance without bureaucracy and paperwork.

Businesses don’t create value; people do.
—Ram Charan, Dominic Barton, Dennis Carey


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