Executing strategy is a perennial challenge for leaders. Why is it so difficult?
The problem often stems from lack of clarity and lack of alignment. Many CEOs and exectives don't clearly communicate what they want the company to accomplish—or what that means for employees.
  • A FranklinCovey survey found that only 1 in 7 employees could name even one of their organization's most important goals. 
  • Another study, by the Corporate Executive Board, found that most of the workforce doesn't align daily activities with the priorities of the company: 


Is it any wonder most strategies fail? We built Khorus to help you beat this destructive trend.


How Khorus Puts You Ahead

                      Set Clear Priorities

Do yogoal-2.pngur employees know what success looks like? Set a rallying cry and shared company goals in Khorus every quarter to show everyone what you’re working toward. This breakdown of annual goals into 90-day priorities helps everyone keep their focus during the execution phase and empowers them to make great decisions. 

Align the Team 

team_alignment.pngWith company priorities set, let everyone set their own supporting goals in Khorus. These goals let everyone define their part in executing company strategy (a critical task, given that studies consistently show the vast majority of strategies remaining unexecuted). No one wonders why they matter or what's going on in the company. It’s all there in Khorus.

                     Gather Weekly Forecasts

employee_forecasts-1.pngGet employees' weekly updates on the Likelihood and Quality of their goals. As the whole organization becomes adept at accurately predicting outcomes, execution becomes more predictable and it's clear when thing will and will not get done. Leadership can rely on this future-oriented view and plan accordingly.

                     Spot Future Problems—and Nip Them in the Bud

dashboard.pngWeekly updates feed into the Performance Dashboard. Pull up the dashboard to easily spot execution roadblocks, get context on what's happening, and work to solve the issue before it impedes success.


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