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10 Simple Rules for Recruiting Top Talent

Legendary Texas football coach Spike Dykes once told me that a coach's success is 75 percent the players and 25 percent coaching. He said, "You give me the best players and an average coach and we will beat the best coach with average players every time."

CEOs should take this approach and own recruiting instead of abdicating it solely to HR. One of the five critical CEO responsibilities is to provide the proper resources, and people are the most important. Here are ten rules for building an outstanding recruiting function that attracts the best candidates.

Setting Business Goals for 2018 [Webinar]

Have you set your business’s goals for 2018?

Good goal-setting practices are like good hygiene: they keep your company healthy and performing at its peak. And they are among the operational essentials that the highest-performaning companies have mastered.

Join us on Wednesday, December 13, at 2:00 p.m. CT as we explore how to create a goal-setting discipline that is simple, powerful, and energizing to the whole team.

Prepare for 2018 with These 4 CEO Exercises

This post condenses parts of our 2018 CEO Planning Guide. Grab the full version here!

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning," Winston Churchill once said. That's a great mantra for CEOs, particularly this time of year. How nice would it be to spend the holidays reassured that you've got a playbook in place for 2018?

Here are four high-priorities areas to think through.