Problems We Solve

We've worked with hundreds of leaders to solve these common challenges


Are people working on the right things?

Khorus communicates strategic goals to every level of the organization—and helps employees as they create goals that align with leadership’s priorities. Chaos is replaced with clarity. Everyone is rowing in the same direction.


Do employees feel that their job matters?

Gallup estimates that disengaged employees cost US companies $450–$550 billion a year in lost productivity. Khorus helps you bring these employees back to full engagement—ensuring their work is meaningful, they get continuous recognition and feedback, and have a voice to leadership.


Are we going to meet company goals on time?

Khorus shows you the predicted outcome of company goals, rolling up weekly forecasts from every employee. When something goes wrong or needs leadership’s attention, you’ll know right away—not after it’s too late.


Do our managers know how to manage?

Even one unskilled or oblivious manager has the potential to do a lot of harm in an organization. With Khorus, each manager—from C-suite to frontline—has a system for applying the essentials of good management. Top leadership can rest assured that managers know how to drive both company success and the individual growth of their employees.

Give your team the competitive advantage

Khorus pushes your team beyond the status quo: • Stronger execution • Better alignment • Increased transparency

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