Problems we solve

If these difficulties sound familiar, Khorus can help.

Workforce Misalignment

We often hear “I don’t know if my employees are working on the right things.”

Khorus communicates strategic goals to every level of the organization—and gives employees autonomy as they create goals that align with the larger direction. Chaos is replaced with clarity on the game plan, every quarter.

Unpredictable Performance

You know that feeling: “I have no clue if we’re going to meet our goals.”

Khorus helps you look ahead, through forecasting and human insight. With weekly confidence indicators on top goals from every employee, you’ll be much more informed on future performance. 

      Failed Change Projects

Have you experienced this? “I’m saying what we need to do differently . . . but nothing is changing.

In a few simple steps, Khorus sets a foundation for driving sustainable execution and successful change projects. Employees see strategic goals every week, and everyone is held accountable to their part of the plan.



Gallup research shows that 70% of employee engagement is due to managers, so many leaders wonder: “Are weak managers at my company killing engagement?

Khorus equips your whole team with a system for applying the essentials of good management. This supports engagement and growth at every level of the company.

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“Khorus helps us create the results we want. Now I have one place to go to manage performance. It’s super fast, and it’s not reams of email or a static spreadsheet.”

Cole Harmonson, CEO, Far West Capital

kendra_kinnison.jpg“The overwhelm plagued us for many years. But now Khorus makes it much more likely that we'll reach our goals each quarter.”

Kendra Kinnison, GM, Port Royal Ocean Resort