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See how the company is performing

The Performance Dashboard is a simple, forward-looking, and highly visual presentation of a goal's health. Select any goal to see all its supporting goals mapped according to their most recent Likelihood and Quality.


SOLVE Organizational PROBLEMS

The Performance Dashboard shows you right away which goals are at risk. Click on red and orange goals to get background on the issue, then formulate a plan to nip it in the bud.


Surface Key Employee insights

By glancing at Performance Dashboard views for goals throughout the company and investigating the latest comments, leaders can get a firsthand understanding of how employees feel about their work. You may spot a pesky red goal three layers down in the organization, click on it, and find a gem of insight from an employee you never would've heard from otherwise.



End the rambling monologues and use the Performance Dashboard to drive weekly team meetings. Pull up your list of company goals, click on the Performance Dashboard icon, and easily see which goals are on track and which aren't. Discuss how the team will collaborate to solve any developing issues—then let everyone get back to doing actual work!


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