Portfolio Management for Private Equity

As a managing director or operating partner, your mission is to drive growth and value in each of your portfolio companies. We help you do it—in one consolidated platform.


At Khorus, we offer private-equity leaders unprecedented operational influence and insight.

We’re not just another reporting tool. We’re a fully featured strategy-execution solution—and our customer organizations achieve 80% of their strategic goals on average each quarter. 

As a PE user of Khorus, you can log in to see at-a-glance, real-time insights about each of your portfolio companies, then offer support as needed.


Know exactly what each portfolio company is working on.

Set measurable strategic goals that support the growth strategy of each portfolio company. Capture these goals in one place—so you and executive leadership stay on the same page, from quarter start to quarter end.

End the uncertainty with future-focused goal insight.

Check Khorus anytime to see the predicted outcome of strategic goals across portfolio companies. Insight is crowdsourced from the entire organization, giving you spin-free intel about each company’s performance.

Give operational guidance without micromanaging.

Khorus’s unique at-a-glance goal insight allows operating partners to drive growth and value without undue interference. Pinpoint issues before they become problems and use in-context, in-app communication to offer guidance.

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