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Khorus Partner Program
Attract and retain clients with out-of-the box strategy execution software

Grow Revenue

  • Earn commissions on referrals to Khorus

  • Receive consulting referrals from Khorus

  • Diversify your offering with customized software

Deepen Engagement

  • Use Khorus as a dynamic leave-behind

  • Secure follow-up engagements

  • Offer high-level monitoring of company progress through Khorus

Drive Tangible Results

  • Align leadership team around shared strategy

  • Help clients break strategy into achievable goals

  • Ensure that clients follow through on commitments

Power your consulting practice with Khorus.

Proven strategy execution software that empowers your clients—and earns you more.

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Referral Partner

Earn commission on referrals

Khorus team handles sales, onboarding, and support

Benefit from Khorus cross-marketing

Strategic Partner

Benefit from 
cobranding and 

Partner with Khorus on customized sales, onboarding, and support

Earn commission on referrals


Purchase Khorus seats at a discount

Software 100% whitelabeled

Receive personalized training on sales and implementation

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