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Making our customers the best-run organizations on earth.




At Khorus, our mission is to make our customers the best-run organizations on earth.

Founded in 2013, Khorus provides a proven system for building predictable company performance. We're taking strategic goal-setting tools out of the Stone Age—and empowering CEOs to drive real change and deliver real results in their organizations.

Right now, too many organizations use outdated tools like Excel, Powerpoint, and email to share company strategy and goals with the organization. Many have no system for translating those goals into tangible targets that everyone can work toward together. And many have no means of gathering critical, on-the-ground insight from the employees actually doing the work. The result is scattered, fragmented performance.

We've set out to change all that. We'd love to give you a demo of Khorus and show you how it changes things for the better: the CEO's ability to lead, employees' engagement in their work, communication and agility across teams, and so much more. Book your personal demo today.





Joel Trammell’s mission is to make Khorus customers the best-run companies on earth. Joel started his first technology company in 1990 and is chairman emeritus of the Austin Technology Council as well as cofounder and managing partner of private equity firm Lone Rock Technology GroupIn addition, he serves on the board of several public, private, and nonprofit organizations.

Joel’s leadership as founder and CEO resulted in nine-figure acquisitions by two Fortune 500 companies. As CEO of network management software firm NetQoS, he delivered 31 consecutive quarters of double-digit revenue growth and a $200 million valuation. CA Technologies acquired the company in 2009, generating more than 10x return on capital to its private equity investors. In 2010, he cofounded Cache IQ, a storage software company, which NetApp acquired two years later. He currently serves as CEO of Black Box Network Services.

Joel blogs at, and writes regular columns for and His book, The CEO Tightrope, describes a systematic approach to the critical chief executive role.


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