Our Mission

Founded by veteran software CEO Joel Trammell, Khorus has a mission to make our customers the best-run organizations on earth.

Our team has collective decades of executive experience, and we understand the challenges of leadership inside and out. We’re here to equip you and your team with tools that help everyone win in the workplace. Our software isn’t complicated, but it is creating a new normal for how leaders help their teams achieve more.


Our Core Tenets

1. We Build for Leaders

Leadership is a responsibility, one that’s essential to organizational health. Every feature of our product is built to support leaders—from the CEO on down—as they run the business.

2. We Focus on People

People are the most valuable resource in an organization, not cogs in the machine. Khorus is based on a people-centric leadership model, helping employees see the higher aim behind their work and unlocking their unique insight and expertise.

3. We Look Forward

Leaders must always look toward the future. Khorus supports that future orientation by helping them set a clear direction, and by asking employees to consistently think about how they can influence the future.


4. We Keep It Simple

The best leaders simplify. In our increasingly complex workplaces, simplicity and focus are essential to getting the right things done. We help the entire team find the signal in the ever-growing noise.