Organizational change is hard—but we’ll be with you every step of the way.

WEEKS 1–3 

  1. CEO Session
    A high-level strategy and planning session with the CEO, including overview of the Khorus methodology and software.
  2. Company Goal Feedback
    A feedback and review session of the company’s draft goals, ending with a set of publishable goals.
  3. Admin Training
    Up to 3 sessions to train the Khorus Implementation Owner (KIO) and Goal, Organization, and HR Administrators.
  4. Executive Team Session
    A 90-minute working session between the Khorus team and your CEO and executive team. We will build alignment on executive goals and metrics for the first quarter. Executives will be introduced to the Khorus methodology and software best practices.


  1. Feedback Sessions
    Up to 3 hours of goal-setting strategy and feedback in each of your first two quarters (total 6 hours over the first two quarters).
  2. Check-ins
    Four hours of general training and best-practice coaching for employees in your organization.


  1. End-of-Quarter Review
    We’ll review and debrief with your leadership team, plan for closing out first-quarter goals, review key metrics, and set expectations for next quarter.
  2. Talent Management Training
    We’ll train the CEO, KIO, and HR leadership on the talent-management functionality of Khorus.

Total cost: $7,500

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