Joel.T.HS_-e1400769663467-240x300.jpegJoel Trammell

Founder and CEO

Joel Trammell founded Khorus with the mission of helping chief executives run their businesses as effectively as possible. A 20-year software veteran, he is also chairman emeritus of the Austin Technology Council and co-founder and managing partner of private equity firm Lone Rock Technology Group. In addition, he serves on the boards of several public, private, and nonprofit companies.

Joel’s leadership as a CEO has resulted in successful nine-figure acquisitions by two Fortune 500 companies. As CEO of network management software firm NetQoS, he delivered 31 consecutive quarters of double-digit revenue growth and nearly $60 million in revenue. CA Technologies acquired the company in 2009, generating more than 10x return on capital to its private equity investors. In 2010, he cofounded Cache IQ, a storage software company, which NetApp acquired two years later.

Joel blogs at, and writes regular columns for and His book, The CEO Tightrope, is a complete handbook to the critical chief executive role.


The job of balancing the often-competing interests of a company’s constituents is so challenging that the average lifespan of a newly minted CEO averages around five years. Joel believes the CEO position is unique and that few people are prepared for it, no matter how well they’ve performed in other executive roles. Most are not groomed for the position and dedicate little time to studying for the job. Even if they try, the CEO training available in this country is woefully inadequate for preparing executives to transition into the role of leading a modern-day organization.

One answer is Khorus, which Joel created based on a system he developed and used as the CEO of NetQoS and Cache IQ. He firmly believes that if CEOs have their own system for running their businesses, their performance—and the company’s—will improve.


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