The Khorus Certification Program

Become a Khorus Certified Consultant—and deliver even more value to your clients.

You're committed to helping clients execute strategy, engage employees, and build a culture of high performance. Achieve that mission better than ever by becoming a Khorus Certified Consultant.

Once you complete the program, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the Khorus methodology, model, and platform, as well as an official partnership with Khorus Software.

From there, you're positioned to offer even more value to clients. No matter what type of consulting you do, you'll have a breakthrough methodology and platform for supporting the fundamentals of organizational performance.


Why Get Khorus Certified?


Help clients execute

The difficulty of strategy-execution is the #1 pain point for countless CEOs and leaders. When you use Khorus to help your clients transform strategy into tangible, executable goals—and hold employees accountable for achieving them—everyone wins.


Deliver more bang for the buck

When you have a powerful leave-behind like Khorus in your toolkit, clients see more ROI on their investment in your services. Not only do you bring powerful software to the table, but your clients achieve more as they use Khorus to drive performance.


Monitor and support after you leave

Khorus gives you the chance to turn one-off client engagements into lasting relationships. Use Khorus data to provide ongoing operational support, even when you're not on site—meaning more revenue for you, more value for your client.

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Be at the forefront

Today, your clients are competing in dynamic, highly competitive environments. By offering them revolutionary software for building execution, alignment, and engagement, you demonstrate that you are leading the future of organizational success.

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