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Khorus is an enterprise leadership platform that gives leaders a central place to run their organizations. The Khorus Certification Program trains participants in Khorus—including the philosophy and methodology behind the software and guidelines for successful implementation.

The Khorus philosophy was developed by CEO veteran, Joel Trammell, in which he believes that if leaders have their own system for running their businesses, their performance—and the company’s—will improve. The ultimate goal of Khorus is to create a healthy, unified organization and helping those organizations run more effectively.  

Khorus empowers organizations to:

  • Develop and execute on corporate strategies
  • Create company-wide alignment
  • Foster employee engagement
  • Gather human insight 


The Khorus Certification Program offers participants a full training on the Khorus platform, equipping them to deploy it in their client organizations. Once training is completed, the participant is Khorus Certified and can begin using the platform with clients.

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