Khorus and senior executives

As the conduit between the CEO and managers, senior executives must translate the CEO’s vision into objectives each department can understand and convey insight back to the executive team. Khorus helps you do exactly that—without adding any complicated processes to your department.

Align Department Goals with Company Strategy

Does your whole department understand the role they play in company strategy? Make it so by cascading company goals into goals for your team, and each individual within it. With Khorus, goal integration is fast and seamless.

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Solve Problems in Real Time

A weekly check of the Performance Dashboard delivers you the latest insight from your team on how their goals are going. With this innovative tool, you can diagnose developing problems and make a plan for addressing them now—rather than getting an unpleasant last-minute surprise later.

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Speak the CEO's Language

Don't bore and frustrate your CEO with long functional reports. Use Khorus to deliver exactly what he or she needs to know: whether your group is on track to meet its goals and what support you need if a goal is at risk. These targeted performance discussions drive fast, collaborative solutions and help both you and the CEO lead more effectively.

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