Khorus for Private Equity

 Khorus gives private equity professionals high-level monitoring of their portfolio's performance.

Set up a consistent management approach

Khorus allows you to deploy a common management system in each portfolio company. The Khorus platform and methodology are based on the fundamentals of effective leadership—including setting clear priorities, driving strategic alignment, and gathering employee insight. It's a system designed to help your CEOs and leadership teams deliver results, no matter the size or industry.

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Streamline reporting systems

One of KPMG's "deadly sins of portfolio management" is "managing by spreadsheet . . . without understanding what is really happening with the business." Instead of wasting resources on complex, ad-hoc reporting systems, use Khorus to identify and monitor a few key success measures for each company—the ones that actually matter.

You'll also onboard new companies much faster. No matter how the company had been run before, you'll be able to quickly bring it into your firm's processes.


Get the whole picture

With Khorus in place, you'll be able to pull up any company in your portfolio at any time to see how things are going. Will objectives for the quarter be met on time? What problems are people seeing? It's all there, in a color-coded dashboard view.

Crucially, performance insight in Khorus is predictive and sourced from the whole company. This means you see what's coming down the road—and don't have to rely just on what the CEO tells you.


Help make good decisions

McKinsey research has demonstated that "active ownership" on the part of private equity is critical to value creation. As a private-equity manager, you're responsible for the portfolio company, but you're not there in the building. How do you offer support effectively?
When you have a clear record of priorities and performance in Khorus, you're much better equipped to have the right conversations with company leadership, spot risks and opportunities, and make sound calls on behalf of the business.
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