Khorus for Nonprofits

Software to Help Your Nonprofit Achieve Its Mission, Faster and More Effectively

As a nonprofit leader, you measure success by the good you do for your constituents.

Khorus is here to help you achieve that mission—no matter what cause or community you serve. Our easy-to-use software platform is your central hub for managing organizational priorities, aligning the entire team, and easily sharing critical information with stakeholders. 

Show funders you've got real strategic and operational capacity

If your potential funders—particularly institutional donors—aren’t confident your organization can actually deliver on its mission, fundraising will always be an uphill battle. Use Khorus as rock-solid evidence that you and your leadership team set clear success measures, align the team around them, clearly document performance, and have a real impact on the world.


Get all your stakeholders on the same page

As a nonprofit leader, you rely on a distributed network—staff, board members, volunteers, funders, advisors, part-timers—to carry out the vital work of your organization. With Khorus as a shared operating system, you can easily ensure that everyone is aligned and on the same page, from longtime employees to a seasonal volunteers to new board members. All stakeholders can see goals set by the executive director and board, understand their role in achieving them, and use the platform to chime in with critical insight as needed.


Be transparent with performance

Transparency is imperative for modern nonprofits. Khorus allows you to confidently open up your organization—to the board, funders, employees, and others—and share reports on what, specifically, everyone is working toward this quarter, how various initiatives are progressing, and how it all fits into the established priorities of your nonprofit.

All this can be achieved quickly in Khorus's intuitive, easy-to-learn interface.


As a nonprofit leader, it’s your mission to make a positive impact in the world. At Khorus, it’s our mission to help you do that as effectively as possible.

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