Khorus for Managers

Managers are the essential links between company strategy and on-the-ground execution. Here's how Khorus helps you and your team achieve more, together.

Set clear expectations

If you don't tell your employees what you expect of them, you're not going to get it. Use Khorus to set specific goals for the team; then work with your employees to help them break those down into individual goals to pursue. 

set team goals

Take a weekly pulse on the team

Weekly updates in Khorus show you goals are trending and where your support is needed to keep the plan on track. This real-time insight helps keep your team focused and nimble, even through changing circumstances.

weekly pulse

Manage Your Talent Well

With Khorus, you can kiss performance-review complexity goodbye and instead focus on delivering targeted, objective feedback at the end of every quarter. See a simple summary of each employee's performance against their goals, use it to drive an objective conversation about future performance, and document the process paperlessly.

employee appraisals
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