Khorus for Individual Contributors

As an individual contributor, you're where the rubber meets the road. What benefits does Khorus offer you?


Understand the Plan

Ever worked at a company where you have no idea what the senior team is up to? Khorus pulls back the curtain on the priorities of your CEO and leadership team, so you know exactly what the plan for the quarter is. See goals for the company and any team within it—and how those goals are going.

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Harness Goal Power

We all know that well-defined goals help us achieve more, whether you're at the office or at home. By setting goals in Khorus, you align your day-to-day work with the broader priorities of the company and track your achievements each week. 

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Make Your Voice Heard

It's no fun to feel lost in the shuffle at work. Khorus functions as a communication platform, allowing you to share your unique insight with the entire organization. If you're facing a roadblock or have identified a problem, you can easily raise a red flag and trust that it will be addressed.

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