Khorus for CEOs

Khorus was built with CEOs in mind. Every other function in your company—sales, marketing, finance, HR, etc.—has a software solution for managing its work. Now Khorus offers you a single system for driving results across the whole organization, in one cohesive platform.

Define success for the team

Each quarter, set shared priorities for the company, then let every employee define their own supporting goals. When everyone understands the success plan for the quarter and how their work ties into the big picture, your organization is primed for high performance.


Surface Insight and Solve Problems Fast

Khorus doesn’t just record everyone’s goals—it functions as a communication platform for targeted insight about those goals. Use the Performance Dashboard to get a week-by-week view of organizational health—and take corrective action before the problem escalates.

surface insight solve problems

Understand Your Talent Pool

The Talent Dashboard gives you a comprehensive look at your talent pool. Identify top performers, grow your leadership pipeline, and make sure you have the people you need to win the future.

Talent Dashboard

Help Your Managers Succeed

One poorly equipped manager can spoil his or her team. Use Khorus to make sure alll managers in your organization are empowered to set clear expectations, communicate frequently about priorities, and deliver objective feedback.

manager success with Khorus
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