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How Good Managers Give Negative Feedback

If you’re like most managers, you don’t enjoy giving negative feedback.

It’s awkward. It can feel like a personal attack. It’s just not a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it’s also your job as a manager. You must give both positive and negative feedback if you want your employees to grow.

What's interesting is that we now have research on how and when to balance praise with constructive criticism—in a way that motivates the employee authentically.

4 Steps to Execute Strategy—Steadily and Consistently

The CEO role is challenging, multifaceted, and (often) poorly understood, even by those taking it on for the first time. But there's a helpful clue to the essence of the job right there in the title—the E, specifically.
As chief executive officer, it's your duty to not only shape your organization's strategy but to carry the strategy into effect.

Good Leaders Don't Play Favorites

Being a leader has certain similarities to being a parent. As a parent, you love all your children equally. Yet you still must work to avoid the appearance of playing favorites and make sure you devote equal time and attention to each child.

When leading a team in the workplace, whether you’re a CEO or a middle manager, you face the same type of challenge. Favoring one employee over others for factors unrelated to performance creates havoc on a team, but leaders commonly fail in this basic area.