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Keep Employees Accountable

Get Predictive, 
On-the-Ground Insight

Bridge the gap between top-level strategic objectives and employees’ day-to-day work. See the entire playbook in one shared system.

Execution can’t happen without accountability. Khorus gives you full confidence that each employee embraces specific goals that they revisit each week.

Khorus is the only system to gather employees’ predictive intelligence in five minutes each week. See confidence indicators for each objective and pivot when issues arise.

Above all, Khorus has helped connect the dots between our executives, business operations, and software development teams. As they are now conversing more frequently, our speed to development has increased significantly.

—Bryant Renn, VP of Strategic Initiatives, SKYGEN USA

Khorus shows you a heat map of employees every quarter so you can reinforce top performers and coach or reassign those who are struggling.


Grow Purpose and Engagement

The Khorus system creates buy-in among your workforce. Employees see why their work matters to the bigger picture, creating deep engagement.

as explained by Khorus founder and veteran tech CEO Joel Trammell.

How Khorus Works

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