A vibrant company culture starts with leadership. When your team is on Khorus, you've laid the groundwork for employee engagement, involvement, and commitment. That's especially important when we know how dire employee engagement levels are:


We also know that low engagement has a real business impact. According to research:

  • Companies with the lowest engagement levels have an average operating margin of 10%.

  • But those with high engagement have a margin of 14%.


How Khorus Puts You Ahead 


                        Engage Everyone in the Mission 

trophy.pngBuild authentic motivation by including all employees in the plan for the quarter and helping them see the big picture. When everyone understands how they support company priorities—and are actively asked to share their insight on how their work is going—engagement thrives.  

                      Embrace Transparency 

eye109.pngWhen you make company priorities and performance visible to the entire company, great things happen. Leaders gather crucial insights, employees understand what’s going on in other parts of the company, and everyone learns to collaborate more productively.  

                      Keep Everyone Accountable 

Accountability.pngYour team is only as good as its follow-through. When companies use Khorus, everyone from the CEO on down is clear on the company strategy and goals, and holds themselves accountable to their commitments each quarter. With accountability as a core component of your culture, employees and leaders alike keep their commitments.



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