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Drive Companywide 

Track Talent 

Establish a Consistent Management Approach

Work with the CEO to diagnose and resolve misalignments between the organization’s human capital and its strategic priorities.

Khorus gives you at-a-glance visibility on your entire talent pool every quarter. Use the Talent Dashboard to pinpoint weaknesses and prescribe corrective actions.

Roll out a consistent management approach, ensuring that every leader in your organization covers the fundamentals—from expectation setting  to giving feedback.

By sharing objectives and performance with employees and engaging them in company success, Khorus helps you build a culture of transparency and accountability.

Create a Powerful Culture

Ensure Relevant Employee Feedback

Get rid of administrative reviews and long gaps in feedback. Khorus ensures that all employees receive business-relevant feedback on a regular basis.

as explained by Khorus founder and veteran tech CEO Joel Trammell.

How Khorus Works

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Chief HR Officer

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65% of HR leaders rate their organization's bench strength—its ability to fill future leadership roles—as weak or average, according to CEB.

With Khorus, you'll know exactly who your 
A-players and future leaders are—just one of the ways Khorus adds value to HR executives.