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Deliver on Board Commitments

Align Your Workforce Top to Bottom

Spot Execution Risks Early

With Khorus, you know every week how the organization is executing against your strategic priorities. Avoid unpleasant end-of-quarter surprises and difficult explanations to the board.

Khorus helps your team build a full playbook for the quarter, linking each team and person to company-level strategic objectives.

Khorus skips backward-looking reports and delivers on-the-ground, predictive insight from employees. Know immediately when an employee raises an early warning that a goal is in jeopardy.

The help that Khorus has provided us in standardizing workflow and clarity is making our goal-setting more strategic and far more realistic.

—Bob Bean, CEO, Transnetyx

With Khorus, employees see a vivid picture of the execution plan, all the way up to the CEO, and understand exactly what is expected of them.

Build Transparency and Accountability

Engage Employees in the Mission

Khorus shows employees exactly how they contribute to company success—driving true engagement across the company.

See how a real CEO uses Khorus, step by step.

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as explained by Khorus founder and veteran tech CEO Joel Trammell.

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