We Just Made Khorus 100% Free. Here’s Why.

Last Monday, we at Khorus met for our weekly operations meeting. We were all remote, for obvious reasons. Once we’d all tuned in via videoconference, our CEO, Joel, departed from the normal routine: Instead of pulling up company goals for review, he announced that we were going to start offering Khorus for free. Our CEO platform would now be totally free of charge, from here on out.

Since Khorus was founded, our mission has been to make our customers the best-run organizations on earth. As Joel explained to the team last week, broadcasting alone from our West Austin conference room, nearly every business is experiencing change in some form, and some are in total upheaval. That means that every leader needs to be aligning, engaging, and predicting the performance of the organization with more focus than ever.

In this new reality, we don’t want just some companies to have a tool like Khorus to manage these sudden, drastic changes. We want every company to have access to such a tool. And, Joel told us, we were going to fulfill our mission even if we didn’t make a ton of money in the process.

So Khorus is now free. That means the whole product, not some watered-down version. No credit card or contract is required, and your data is going to be as secure as ever.

If you’re not sure how Khorus changes businesses for the better, you can read more about the platform and process here. And if you’d like to get your organization started, just visit our homepage and submit the sign-up form.

Now, clearly, we are still a business, so we are offering some paid services. Over the past six years, Khorus has helped hundreds of organizations implement our goal-setting and alignment process. We’ve learned some things in that time, so we developed two enterprise-level support plans to help you run the most aligned, engaged, and predictable-results organization possible. You can read more about those support plans on our pricing page.

Keeping your team aware of priorities and engaged in the mission is always important, but more so than ever in this challenging time. We hope all of you are able to stay safe and healthy right now. And if you run an organization, we hope the ability to use Khorus without an added financial burden will be of help.

Got a question? Reach us anytime at info@khorus.com.

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