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The 30-Minute Operations Meeting Blueprint

Khorus Team

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July 10, 2018

Did you know that a recent study reported in Harvard Business Review found that CEOs spent 72% of their total work time in meetings—and more than two-thirds of those meeting lasted an hour or more?

Meetings are, of course, a necessary fixture of how an organization functions. A well-run one can create alignment, clarity, and fresh ideas. However, the authors of the study cited above write: 

“In our debriefs, CEOs confessed that one-hour meetings could often be cut to 30 or even 15 minutes.”

In our experience, one class of meeting most overdue for streamlining and improvement is the weekly operations meeting. By this we mean the weekly meeting of the executive leadership team that happens in most organizations. Status updates are given, discussions are had, decisions are made (sometimes, anyway). But if you talk to most executives, they will admit that these events rarely run efficiently or effectively.

After an hour or so, fatigue sets in, and most attendees are on their phones or laptops anyway. We've developed a new guide that offers you a blueprint for a better way. The whitepaper is now available for free on The 30-Minute Operations Meeting Blueprint.

30-Minute Operations Meeting Blueprint_cover

We hope you'll download it, put it to use, and start seeing the benefits: saved time, increased alignment across departments, and an ongoing focus on the true priorities of the business.

One last thing. Khorus, our strategy-execution software, serves as a simple but robust way to apply the framework described in this whitepaper. You'll get a forward-looking view on each of your team's strategic objectives every week—and eliminate a lot of waste in the process. Want to see how it works? Schedule a demo today!

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Khorus Team

Khorus Team

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