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[New Ebook] The Predictable Execution Checklist

Khorus Team

Posted by Khorus Team
November 15, 2018

The concepts of "strategy" and "execution," though often contrasted, are in fact inextricably linked. Any good strategy takes into account the executional abilities of the organization; likewise, the execution phase should never consist of mindless doing but instead stay attuned to strategic priorities.

Nevertheless, nearly everyone who's studied how organizations succeed and fail will acknowledge that it's far more common for a team to fail at simple implementation of ideas. As Michael Dell once noted:

"Ideas are a commodity. Implementation of them is not."

The most common scenario is this: leadership thinks they have a plan and everyone knows exactly what to do, but in reality, expectations haven't been established and there's no process in place to track people and teams' progress against strategic priorities.

To help you avoid this situation, we've developed the Predictable Execution Checklist. Download it today to understand the five items leadership must put in place to enable employees at all levels to contribute to the organization's top objectives.

(And if you're looking for a simple, scalable way to apply this process, check out Khorus, our strategy-execution software—which your organization can use free through June with purchase of a discounted goal training package!)

Predictable Execution Checklist cover


Khorus Team

Khorus Team

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