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Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
October 6, 2017

I wrote The CEO Tightrope because I couldn't find a book on the market that served as a definitive guide to the chief-executive role.

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I'm happy to say that you can now listen to all twelve chapters of the audiobook version of The CEO Tightrope on iTunes. Our mission at Khorus is to make our customers the best-run organizations on earth, and I believe that a big part of that equation is an effective CEO.

In these chapters, you'll learn the five core responsibilities of the CEO role and get plenty of examples of my own experiences, good and bad, as a chief executive. I've been pleased to hear from many readers that they found the book helpful, and I hope that is the case for you. You can also get an executive summary of the book here.

And, as always, please contact us if you'd like to see how Khorus works. It's a system that takes the principles laid out in this book and helps you—and the other executives and managers in your organization—apply them consistently for increased results.

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Joel Trammell

Joel Trammell

Joel Trammell is the founder and chairman of Khorus Software. He currently serves as CEO of Black Box Network Services. His book, The CEO Tightrope, is a guide to the chief-executive role.

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