How to Run a Board Meeting [Webinar]

Many CEOs struggle with one of their core responsibilities: leading effective board meetings. There’s a lot riding on these sessions, yet CEOs tend to allow the same mistakes to happen again and again—pointless deep dives into the data, muddled decision making, and lack of clarity on the strategic priorities of the business.

Khorus founder Joel Trammell recently gave a webinar, “Stop Boring the Board,” on how to run a board meeting. You can now watch it on demand.

Drawing on the hundreds of board meetings—public, private, and nonprofit—he’s attended or led, Joel explores what it takes to get maximum value from your time with the board. (You can also grab a PDF version of the slides here.)

Whether you’re a CEO looking to level-up your skills or a director seeking to maximize your contribution, watch this webinar to learn:

  1. Why board meetings are such a challenge
  2. How to prepare: people, materials, agenda
  3. Strategies for creating clarity and engagement in the meeting
  4. Data to cover in the meeting—and to omit
  5. How directors can best participate and advise in the meeting

If you appreciate the approach shown in the webinar, let us know and we’ll set up a time to introduce you to Khorus. Our strategy execution platforms brings incredible focus and efficiency to every session you hold with your board.

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