[Guide] Set Effective Goals for This Quarter

As a new quarter begins, it’s time to check your organization’s strategic goals, assess where you are, and create a new set of goals for the coming 90 days.

Despite how critical this exercise is to ongoing performance, many companies just don’t do. If they set clear goals at all, they usually slap a revenue number down and call it a day. Of course, revenue and profit should be projected and closely tracked—but these aren’t the only goals that should be set. Far from it. When you stop there, the rest of the company, everyone who doesn’t directly contribute to revenue or sales, finds themselves in the dark about how they tie in to the organization’s priorities.

We’ve worked with hundreds of leaders to create balanced company-level goals that keep everyone rowing in the same direction. To get yourself started, you can download a free, condensed version of our goal-setting framework, A Blueprint for Effective Company Goals. Inside, you’ll learn from Khorus CEO Joel Trammell about the six areas of the business to consider setting goals in each quarter:

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Product
    • Customers
    • Employees
    • Shareholders

The guide includes examples in each area. Grab your copy today—and let us know if you’d like a demo of Khorus can help you bring your whole company together around your strategic goals! 

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Download this guide to set effective strategic objectives for your organization. Includes example goals for all six areas of the business.