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The Top 7 Traits of a Data-Driven Organization

We are drowned in oceans of data; nevertheless, it seems as if we seldom have sufficient information.  —Eli Goldratt Today, companies are generating more and more data—but more data doesn’t necessarily translate into better performance. In fact, as various functions … Read More

Get the Most Out of Experts with These Two Questions

At this stage of my career—after more than twenty-five years as an entrepreneur and CEO—one of the most fulfilling parts of my week is meeting with other entrepreneurs. Whether it’s through office hours at Capital Factory or meetings in my … Read More

What’s Better Than AI?

Artificial intelligence promises to be one of the most disruptive forces of the next ten years. It’s already a prominent talking point among 2020 presidential candidates. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that AI is more important than fire or … Read More

The Basics of an Effective Employee Compensation Plan

Every manager worries about whether their top performers are happy with their jobs. It’s an understandable concern when reports find that about 71 percent of US employees are actively looking for their next opportunity. The first solution that occurs to many managers … Read More

The 4 Levels of Employee Motivation

What motivates the employees at your organization to do their best work? Are they working just for a paycheck, or do they feel that they are making a positive impact in the organization—and on its customers? Over the past few … Read More

It’s Okay to Say No at Work

Imagine you have a new marketer at your company. Up and running for a few weeks now, Sarah has impressed her peers and senior employees with her insight and work ethic. This morning, she’s got several requests in her inbox: from … Read More

Why “Feedforward” Works Better Than Feedback

Imagine you have an employee—a high-level manager—who just delivered a presentation to the board. Unfortunately, his presentation went terribly wrong. It hit all the wrong notes, and you know it didn’t make a good impression on anyone in the room. … Read More

Don’t Confine Strategic Planning to the C-Suite

This post originally appeared as a Quora answer. The CEO will always retain final responsibility for leading the strategic planning process. But increasingly, knowledge workers throughout the organization must be aware of their company’s strategic plan if you expect them to … Read More

Two Types of Company Goals to Set Each Quarter

It’s usually easy for leaders to identify new initiatives for a given quarter. Whether it’s launching a product or meeting an aggressive sales goal, these are the objectives that get all the attention in the organization. They’re fresh and urgent, and people … Read More

A Goal Setting Framework for CEOs

If I’m sitting with a new CEO and I ask about the goals he’s going to set for his company next year, the response is usually something about revenue or profit. “Is that it?” I usually ask. “What about non-financial … Read More