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Goal-Setting Exercise: Can You Diagnose the Problem with Each of These 4 Goals?

Writing effective goals for your team is an essential management skill. In fact, if you’re bad at writing goals, it’s almost better to not do goals at all. Clear, inspiring, and meaningful goals create engagement—but confusing, poorly measured goals create … Read More

[Guide] Set Effective Goals for This Quarter

As a new quarter begins, it’s time to check your organization’s strategic goals, assess where you are, and create a new set of goals for the coming 90 days. … Read More

Join Us for a Strategic Planning Workshop in Austin on April 17

Do you have an upcoming board meeting, fundraising round, or strategic planning session—or just some open strategic questions? Well, we’ve got the event for you. On Wednesday, April 17, at 4pm, we’re holding an exclusive strategic planning workshop in partnership … Read More

17 Great Goal Setting Quotes, from Plato to Patrick Lencioni

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time,” goes the familiar saying from Zig Ziglar. It’s true at work, and it’s true in our personal lives. When we don’t have clear goals, we wallow in aimless tasks and … Read More

4 Advantages of Engaging Employees in Your Strategic Objectives

The team at FranklinCovey has researched over 500,000 individuals and 5,000 teams—and found that only 19 percent of individuals in any organization or team knows what the organization’s top priorities are. In yesterday’s business paradigm, where strategy is confined to the C-suite, that might not … Read More

14 Inspirational Quotes on Strategy Execution

Arguably the biggest challenge facing any executive (especially those with a strong strategic orientation) is execution. Most of us are terrible at it, yet your company’s success rests on its ability to actually implement strategy. To get you revved up for the … Read More

3 Steps to Take Your Operations Meetings from Wasteful to Winning

If you’re like me—or pretty much anyone else in corporate America—you’ve endured your share of long, pointless meetings. Many of us treat them like Dilbert jokes. (Haha, off to another meeting! Man, my day is nothing but meetings!) But when you’re the CEO, … Read More