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The Basics of a Great Employee Compensation Plan

Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
January 22, 2019

Every manager worries about whether their top performers are happy with their jobs. It’s an understandable concern when reports find that about 71 percent of US employees are actively looking for their next opportunity.

The first solution that occurs to many managers is to throw more money at the employee. But that’s usually a bad idea—for a couple of reasons.

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3 Ways to Help Your Employees Make the Right Decisions

Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
January 17, 2019

Decentralized decision-making is the ideal in dynamic, growth-oriented workplaces. Here's how to ensure employees at all levels are making the right decisions.

Organizations run on the minute-by-minute, day-by-day decisions that your employees make at every level.

Productivity and growth depend on the quality and speed of these decisions, made at the lowest level possible.

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