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Align your Team with Goal Following

Marina Martinez

Posted by Marina Martinez
April 29, 2016

It’s a good feeling to be “in the know” at work. Access to knowledge is a huge status symbol, and when you democratize it within your organization, you send an important message: Everyone here is important. Everyone here deserves to know what’s going on.

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7 Dumb Mistakes Even Smart CEOs Make

Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
April 22, 2016

Most individuals who climb to the position of CEO have plenty of smarts. A certain level of intelligence is generally required before you're handed the keys to an entire enterprise.

A study that ran from 1996 to 2014 confirms this idea: About 40 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs were found to be in the top 1 percent of cognitive ability.

But pure brainpower isn't nearly enough to successfully walk the CEO tightrope.

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Our Session at Personifest 2016: How CEOs Manage the Future

Khorus Team

Posted by Khorus Team
April 11, 2016

Next week, our CEO, Joel Trammell, presents at PersoniFest, the conference by and for Personify customers. The topic of his presentation is one of our favorites: the constant foresight and future vision it takes to be an effective chief executive.

Personify, the leading association management system, is a great Khorus customer—so we're excited to be a part of the event. Bright and early on Tuesday, Joel will explain why CEOs have to manage the future, and how they can do it.

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Why HR Can't Own Performance Management

Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
April 7, 2016

A while back, I met someone with the job title “Head of Leadership and Development.” I was impressed that the company she worked for had the foresight to create such a key role. But then I asked, as I often do, what this person thought of the CEO. “I actually don’t know him very well,” she said. 

How could the Head of Leadership and Development not know the CEO well? I thought. I had assumed she reported directly to the CEO and was a vital part of helping him accomplish his mission.

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