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[New Webinar] How to Excel at Executing Strategy

Marina Martinez

Posted by Marina Martinez
September 24, 2015

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Last week, we teamed up with the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) for a webinar on one of the most pressing issues on any executive's mind: How do I make sure our strategy gets executed?

You've probably seen the grim statistics. There's the one about how few employees can choose their company's strategy from a lineup—only 29 percent, according to one study. Or the one about how 61 percent of strategies completely miss the mark due to poor execution.

Fortunately, CEOs can take steps to put themselves on the right side of those statistics. That's what our CEO, Joel Trammell, and CUES CEO, John Pembroke, discuss in the joint webinar embedded below (also avaliable here).

After the main presentation, the Q&A (31:33 or so) surfaces some excellent execution-related questions, including:  

  • How do you keep employees motivated to execute strategy?
  • When setting objectives with your team, what is the hardest issue you face?
  • What's the best cadence for tracking results?
  • Can you give an example of what a corporate, department, and individual objective might look like?


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Segmenting Enterprise Goal Management Software

Ben Lamorte

Posted by Ben Lamorte
September 2, 2015


Part 4: Goal-Review Cadence

OKRs specialist Ben Lamorte is back this week with the fourth installment in his series on enterprise goal management (EGM) software. This week, Ben explores the extent to which various EGM vendors apply a goal-review cadence into their tools, weekly or otherwise. Look out for the Ben’s full EGM segment report for Eckerson Group, slated for a Q1 2016 publication.


Dedicated enterprise goal management (EGM) solutions give companies a scalable and sustainable way to set and achieve goals, and the growth of this category is creating urgency for companies of all sizes.

Part 1 of this series explored the type of data entered into the EGM system by the user, breaking inputs down into historical and predictive categories. Part 2 explored target markets of EGM vendors. Part 3 analyzed the use of gamification. This week we analyze the use of tools and processes to drive a regular goal-review cadence and ensure frequent usage of the software throughout the goal-setting lifecycle.

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