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New Podcast: Talking CEO Decisions with Todd Uterstaedt

Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
August 27, 2015


[Listen now]

I had the pleasure last week of discussing CEOship, software, and decision-making with Todd Uterstaedt, host of the "From Founder to CEO" podcast.

The interview went live today on Todd's website and iTunes. In 25 minutes or so, we talk about:

  • distinguishing between finding consensus and making decisions
  • making a call when you don't have all the information
  • the time I misjudged Salesforce, and
  • why I built the software I wish I'd had while running previous companies.

Hope you enjoy it. While you're there, check out some of Todd's other interviews with founders and CEOs

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Why I Use Khorus to Run My Board Meetings

Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
August 14, 2015



When you're in the CEO hot seat, the days before a board meeting can be full of anxiety—especially when the business faces material challenges that demand some sort of discussion.

But running a good board meeting is tough even when times are good. What does the board need to know? How do you get the most out of your limited time together?

It turns out that Khorus, the enterprise leadership platform we developed to help CEOs run their businesses, can also make board meetings tighter and more valuable. How so? By capturing the essentials of performance in a single platform, Khorus is a practical way to discuss the health and strategy of the business with people who aren’t involved in the day-to-day, including the board.

With Khorus as the backbone, we talk with clarity about how we did last quarter and where we hope to go in the next. We fend off the aimlessness and exhaustion that plague board meetings far too often.

Here are six specific reasons I use Khorus to drive my meetings with the board.

1. We spend less time prepping slides.

Preparing for a board meeting often causes frenzy, as the CEO and executive team decide what information to highlight and then pull together their presentations. 

Since we use Khorus throughout the quarter, we begin this task at 80 percent done rather than starting from scratch. We've already recorded our key priorities in the platform, and we have a week-by-week record of how we performed against them. That’s exactly what the board needs to see.

I simply drag the final results of our 5–7 company goals into PowerPoint, one goal per slide.

Here's what a slide might look like. Attendees will be able to see the goal, how we measured it, whether we achieved it, and how the team feels about the quality of the work done:




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How the Best CEOs Define Winning

Angela Vasquez

Posted by Angela Vasquez
August 7, 2015

View our latest webinar, with Khorus CEO Joel Trammell and Open-Book Coaching founder Bill Fotsch.

A few months ago, I came across an article called “A Winning Culture Keeps Score” on

As I read, I was struck by how well aligned the author was with what we’re doing at Khorus. He captured perfectly the leader’s imperative to define success for the team and enlist everyone in achieving it.

I immediately reached out to the author of the article, Bill Fotsch, the "Open-Book Management Guru," who's worked with Southwest, Harley-Davidson, Capital One, and many others.

We struck up a great conversation about how our approaches reinforce and complement each other—and soon decided to host a webinar together. If you missed it last month, you can now watch the full thing right here.

[Webinar: "Define Winning: How to Drive Results through a Clear Definition of Success"]



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Segmenting Enterprise Goal Management Software

Ben Lamorte

Posted by Ben Lamorte
August 3, 2015


Part 3: Gamification

OKRs specialist Ben Lamorte is back with the third installment in his series on enterprise goal management (EGM) software. This week, Ben explores the extent to which various EGM vendors apply gamification into their tools. Look out for the Ben’s full EGM segment report for Eckerson Group, slated for a Q1 2016 publication, and see previous posts in this series here.

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