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Rethinking Management Systems: Lessons from MBOs

Marina Martinez

Posted by Marina Martinez
November 21, 2013

Today, I want to discuss a popular management system and understand the gaps in its application to the Internet economy. MBOs, or Management by Objectives, is a management system conceptualized by Peter Drucker and first put into practice by Harold Smiddy, a long-time vice president of the General Electric Company in the 50s.

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Why Project Management Metrics Fail

Joel Trammell

Posted by Joel Trammell
November 7, 2013

Why relying on “percent complete” doesn't cut it

“Percent complete” is a popular and widely used project management metric, specifically in technology companies. However, “percent complete” in a “knowledge work” environment doesn't give you the real picture of progress within a project. We’ll explore why, but first, let’s define “percent complete”. “Percent complete” is the actual work completed/total work. For example, if a certain project is estimated to take a total of 100 hours, and so far you have completed 30 hours of the 100 hours, you could say you are 30% complete.

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