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"A strengths-based approach to managing is the single best method of improving the employee-manager relationship that [we have] observed."  —Gallup

Share employee strengths

You can now instantly add results from two leading workplace assessments—Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder® and Team Excellence’s Personal Strengths Inventory—to the user profiles of anyone who has taken these assessments.

The employee's strengths are then visible to everyone in the organization, alongside his/her contact information, role details, and goals for the quarter.

Supercharge collaboration

With assessment results in Khorus, employees can . . .

  • more effectively mobilize around projects and goals.
  • use a common vocabulary to talk about how each person can best contribute to the work at hand.
  • complement and support each other rather than operate on assumptions.
  • resolve conflicts quickly.

Help individuals excel

Awareness of one’s own strengths and inclinations in the workplace is a key factor in employee performance, productivity, and engagement.

Integrating assessment results into Khorus helps individuals stay aware of their own strengths as they establish goals, do daily work, and confront workplace issues.

Empower managers

Assessment information in Khorus also empowers managers:

  • Use data about the employees' strengths to drive collaborative goal setting.
  • Give strengths-based performance feedback and coaching (shown by Gallup to increase productivity and engagement).
  • Ensure the right people are in the right roles, increasing alignment and reducing turnover.
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