There isn’t a club for hundreds of CEOs where leadership ideas are exchanged on the golf course and common executive pain points are discussed over a wedge salad. Unfortunately, many CEOs feel quite isolated when it comes to leading a company. Surrounded by “yes people" who are eager to please and no one higher up to provide counsel, CEOs often do the best they can and hope they are getting it right.

That’s one of the reasons we decided it was time CEOs lay their cards on the table and share at least a few of their issues. We conducted a survey of 200 CEOs to find out their experience levels, their biggest challenges, the tools upon which their businesses rely, and how effective those tools are in helping them make decisions.

If you’ve ever wondered where you stack up when it comes to:

  • Your tenure and experience as CEO
  • What keeps you up at night
  • Software and applications you use to forecast and run your business
  • Your insight into performance metrics

…then this ebook is your ticket to the table. Find out all of the survey results and see if you face similar challenges. You may discover you’re not as alone as you thought. Welcome to the club.