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March 3, 2017

If you're the CEO, it's up to you to create a strategy for your company—but where do you even start?

Many CEOs avoid the pressure of this question and fail to record their strategy in any coherent or easily shareable way. (This is why researchers find that only 5 percent of employees understand their company's strategy. When the CEO does put strategy into words, it rarely gets discussed outside of his or her immediate staff.)

To help you out with this key responsibility, we've added a strategic planning feature to Khorus. Now, the CEO can record the answers to ten key questions that clarify organizational strategy, along with the company's mission statement, vision statement, and core values. This information provides valuable context to the goals you set in Khorus each quarter.

As CEO, you'll answer the ten strategy questions within the strategy planning feature:

strategic plan questions.pngThese questions are based on decades of CEO experience, and cover the key components of an effective strategy. We recommend the CEO follow this process:

  • Take the first stab at answering the ten strategy questions in Khorus; add your company's mission, vision, and values; then save your draft.
  • Share with the executive team for input.
  • Make any edits and hit Publish.

Now a new chess-piece icon will appear in Khorus for every member of your team, allowing anyone to easily view the strategic plan and the mission, vision, and values.

MVV shadow2.png

We hope this strategy framework and easy sharing mechanism encourage you to clarify company strategy and further bridge the strategy-execution gap. Employees will be able to set better goals each quarter and make excellent decisions without your direct input.

And that adds up to a healthier and more aligned company.

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Khorus Team

Khorus Team

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