Ebook: 10 Questions to Create Your Company Strategy

Khorus Team

Posted by Khorus Team
March 30, 2017

We recently released our strategic planning feature in Khorus, allowing CEOs to document and share 10 key strategy questions with their whole workforce.

Now you can get the benefit of these questions even if you don't use Khorus. Download our ebook 10 Questions to Create Your Company StrategyYou'll get not only the full 10 questions but also advice for:

  • gathering strategic intel from outside sources,
  • sharing company strategy to ensure execution,
  • avoiding common strategic planning traps.

Grab your copy today and empower your entire company to think and act strategically. This is one of the CEO's top responsibilities—so make sure you're not neglecting it.

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Want a software solution to manage your strategic plan in one place? Khorus can do that. We'd love to schedule you a demo!

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Khorus Team

Khorus Team

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